Nano Fluids

The Value of Smart Fluids

We never knew that at the molecular level, chemistry acts in very different ways to that which we take for granted at the human eye level.  Recent advances in technology enable us to see and manipulate very thin film coatings or fluids that range in size from 50 000 to 100 000 times smaller in diameter to a fly hair.   These coatings have no aroma, are invisible, flexible and remarkably durable.

We call them coatings but perhaps this is incorrect as the boundaries between and below the surface substrate are never clear cut. Atoms and molecules interact in complex ways according to materials and their environment. However for the sake of simplicity we will refer to these coatings as smart fluids and they are changing everything we took for granted in society, from wear and tear in car engines, rain repellence to brick and stone, rust-proof for metal,  vapour protection for microelectronics to seed enhancement in aggressive environments. Every business can benefit somehow using these functional surface fluids.

Why should your business be interested?

Smart Fluids can offer numerous benefits to  materials  without changing the basic material or design

  • Anti-microbial
  • Hygiene
  • Anti-fingerprinting
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Metal abrasion resistance
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-adhesive
  • Anti-oxidation of silver
  • Anti-vapour for microelectronics
  • Absorption manipulation for plants, fertilizer and agriculture
  • Heat barriers

Market applications:


Easy-to-clean glassware and ceramics, windows and glass panels, solar cells, shower cubicles, mirrors, urinals, door handles, using simply a microfiber cloth

Medicine and medical technology: hospitals, dental units, nursing homes

catheters, hygiene surfaces, soft cleaning tissues, staff uniforms, bedding,  walls, ceilings, PDA’s all made anti-bacterial

Consumer goods: 

synthetic glazing, diver’s and swimming goggles, motorbike windshields, helmet visors, ski goggles, mobiles, iPods


Outdoor surfaces, which are exposed to the elements such as self-cleaning facades (concrete, plastic, metal rails, gates, glass-houses, or painted surfaces), windows, doors, gutters.


Carpets, kitchen, furniture, lights and door handles, music equipment. Antibacterial cleaning and sealing for cookware. Sanitary equipment such as tiles, bath-tubs, shower bath, washbasin, goods made of stainless steel and chromium, shower cabinets, toilet seats.


Head lights, windows, improved visibility in the rain, self-cleaning wheel-arches and a significantly easier removal of dirt, grease and ice for all vehicles.


For the food sector, anti-microbial packaging is vital addition to the safety of the food supply chain. Smart fluids can not only provide this additional level of safety, but also make cardboard boxes water repellent in the event of breakage and soiling. Egg boxes for example can be water repellent in case of accident.


All silver and copper can be coated to prevent oxidation and constant cleaning.


From metal protection to heat-loss prevention, hygiene to maintenance prevention smart fluids enables positive value.

Almost every business can protect assets and improve operational efficiency using smart fluids.

Companies can remove the need to apply aggressive cleaning chemicals, reduce water usage and cleaning cycles.  Vehicles can reduce fuel (around 11%), reduce emissions, and have longer shelf life with less maintenance. Public infrastructure like airports, bus and train stations can be better protected against pandemics. Simply look at what you want these smart fluids to achieve?

Look at the services and products within your business or organisation. Now you can change the surface functionality without changing the basic structure of materials. So if you work in high moisture environments and wish to protect all your electronics components against vapour and electrical damage, smart coatings can deliver.  If you have wear in metal as in gears, pistons and bearings we can stop this wear.

If you wish to have anti-bacterial buildings, products and instruments without major cost or redesign, embrace smart fluids.

From hairdressers to child care units, manufacturers to dairy farmers, printers to food processors, whatever the business,  there are smart fluids  waiting to make your products and services, work environments, homes and city infrastructure  superior, safer, sustainable richer and greener.

We are here to help you benefit from these new and amazing technologies. Simply tell us what you need to achieve.

Nanoland Global is collaborating with Casoria Company Ltd to develop and offer these products and solutions in Ireland.

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